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Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done...

Piracy Lawyers

If you are facing allegations of piracy then there is a claim that you have violeted copyright by downloading or copying part or all data (such as songs, movies, films, software etc.) without authorisation or have allowed unauthorised access for other people to make such copies.

The infringment of copyright and trademarks can be both be actionable under civil law as well as criminal law. The are a number of acts that can be used to cover these types of intringments such as the Fraud Act 2006, Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988.

Piracy is also known as intellectual property crime or counterfeiting and can involve individuals through to businesses being prosecuted. With support from the police, Trading Standards enforce IP laws throughout England and Wales. Being found guilty of an offence under criminal law can carry a penalty of imprisonment. It is therefore important that you are represented by a firm with experience and knowledge in this area.

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Software Piracy

Software piracy simply means the unauthorised reproduction or mislicensing of a software program. This software may then be distributed accross the internet or through a media format such as DVD or torrents.

There are a number types of software piracy with the most common including: -

  • Corporate software piracy

    - where a company may say they've performed 10 software installations but infact have carried out more.
  • Counterfeit software

    - fake, but authentic looking copies of software are produced to sell.
  • OEM piracy

    - where the software is installed on an unauthorised computer(s).
  • Internet / online software piracy

    - where software is illegally shared and obtained through the internet using such channels as programs, websites and torrents.
  • Softlifting

    - where the software is licenced for just one computer but is installed on many others.

Large corporations are now spending millions in an attempt to and halt the copying and distribution of their software by the use of various methods such as online activation and registration but despite their efforts software piracy continues.

Sentencing for software piracy can vary depending on the scale but sentences can include terms of imprisonment. It is therefore important that you contact a specialist solicitors firm as soon as possible, such as MJP solicitors. Whether you are being investigated, being or have been interviewed or are due in court, get in touch without MJP solicitors today.

Legal Advice and Representation

MJP solicitors have been involved in one of the largest computer conspiracy cases which involved the distribution of cracked software world wide. We understand computer cases and are available 24 hours, 7 days a week on 0333 011 0515.

Initial advice is always free and specialist advice throughout England and Wales including Liverpool, Wirral, London and throughout North West.

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