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Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done...

Cyber Crime Solicitors

The law is designed so that criminal offences can be committed in the real world and in cyber space.

The term cyber crime can be used to cover a vast range of offences such as computer hacking, online fraud and malware creation & distribution which can be charged under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and Section 37 Police and Justice Act 2006 as well as other Acts.

Cyber crime offences can be split into two parts: -

  • Pure cyber crimes are when a criminal act is committed through only the use of computers or other ICT devices. For example using malware to obtain personal data or the hacking of websites.
  • Cyber-enabled crimes are offences that may be committed without ICT devices but are changed by use of ICT in terms of scale and reach. For example online fraud or using a device to arrange a crime.

Universal access to the internet has created a challenging environment for Law Enforcement to pursue so called cybercriminals. Most human commercial activity can be performed on line whether legal or illegally. Law enforcement investigating Computer crime [that is crime involving the use of a computer] must prove that an alleged offender is actually the person responsible for using the computer. Like crime in the real world, proof of identification is required to successfully prosecute a person.

On this site, MJP solicitors aim to introduce the main offences, the common terminology, explain rights to data and introduce investigatory tools and software used. With this information, it is hoped that you can investigate in more detail.

MJP solicitors have conducted specialist criminal defence cases involving clients accused software hacking , malicious hackers, information and ip address fraudsters and on line traders in every type of counterfeit and illegal goods and services. The question at the heart of such defences is always – can the prosecution put the defendant behind the computer at the time of the offence?

This area of law is complex and usually involves a great deal of evidence, such as hard-drives, IP addresses and event logs, which are used to pinpoint the moment an offence (or offences) takes place. Great care and attention is therefore necessary to ensure all data is analysed correctly. That’s why we work together with forensic computer experts as well as our using our in-house analysis systems.

In the UK the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), part of the National Crime Agency, coordinates the response to cyber crime threats with help of the Regional Organised Crime Units and the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit bring together police, security experts and academics.

Regional Organised Crime Units in your area: -

  • SEROCU (South East)
  • Zephyr (South West)
  • Tarian (Southern Wales)
  • ERSOU (Eastern Region)
  • WMROCU (West Midlands)
  • EMSOU (East Midlands)
  • TITAN (North West)
  • Y&H (Yorkshire and Humber)
  • NERSOU (North East)

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Cyber Crime Defence

Defending allegations of cyber crime requires knowledge and experience from a firm who can represent you from the beginning of the investigation. Mistakes made at the investigation stage can have a negative impact on later stages, should they go that far.

With our knowledge and experience we are able to defend both small-scale and large scale allegations from the police station through to the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court.

MJP solicitors can help if you, a family member or friend have been: -

  • Arrested - Interview Under Caution
  • Are on police bail or
  • Been charged with an offence

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide representation and urgent advice throughout England and Wales including Liverpool, the North West and London.

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