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Online & Internet Fraud

The term Online fraud, sometimes referred to as an online scam or Internet-enabled fraud, is used to describe the unauthorised obtainment of personal data such as credit card information, addresses and account passwords.

The are many ways that a person may fraudently obtain data online such as:-

  • Malware

    - where malicious software is used to access data from a computer. This may be a back-door trojan or a keylogger.
    Malware is a collective term used to describe individual software such as Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware and Keyloggers and is short for malicious software. It is used to distrupt services, steal and attain private information and open 'back-doors' to allow unauthorised access and use of a computer.

  • Phishing

    - can involve malicious links contained in e-mails that may look legitimate and trick the user into entering personal information.
    The act of attempting to obtain data such as passwords and credit card information by posing to be a legitimate business is also know as phising. For example a phishing scam may involve sending out thousands of e-mails saying that there is an issue with a person's account. This person would then click on the link provided and be taken to a legitimate looking website to enter their sensitive information however the website isn't legitimate and the details entered are logged and may be used at a later date for fraud. Phishing is taken very serious by government agencies. Charges can come under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as well as conspiracy to defraud and money laundering acts.

  • Pharming

    - where a person is redirected from a legitimate website to a fraudulent one without knowledge.
    Like phising pharming can be used to fraudulently obtain private data but instead of having a person click on a link the user may be redirected unknownly to a website, which looks legitimate, to enter private data such as passwords or credit card details.

  • Scareware

    - used to mislead individuals into downloading software which may infect a computer with a virus and make users pay for removal.
    There are a number of types of scareware but all have the same end goal - to fraudulently make a person pay up. For example a user may have a virus on their computer, this virus then activates a message that tells them they must pay an amount to remove the virus - otherwise their computer will stop functioning.

Being suspected of this kind of fraud, can be difficult to understand. This is usually due to the complexity of the material the prosecution may have and with the increase of available technology there can be a lot of material to check.

If there is money involved in the fraud, such as internet based transations, then the prosecution may look into a money laundering charge. It is therefore you speak to a firm that has previous experience is this area, such as MJP solicitors.

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